Wherever we gather, a safe environment is created so you can receive the information offered, learn easily and unleash your creativity. Props are used, the setting is prepared, questions are asked and collaboration with one or more partners is encouraged.

There is a purpose and a follow through to each workshop. We believe you came into the workshop ready to work and you need support to continue on your journey. We believe the work is never over, so we want you to take your learning out into your world. One way is to create an opportunity to meet and establish accountability partners within each workshop who you will stay in touch with after the workshop. The purpose being to keep you honest and witness your becoming.

Each workshop is co-­created and designed to give opportunities to pay attention, personalize your experience, dream, tell stories, explore with the lightness of being, collaborate and create something new.

Leadership trainings are created to meet the needs of the group. One type of workshop is Visioning and Storytelling and another is The Organization Workshop. Participants will look at a focus for their leadership for this moment in time and will explore various questions with the use of metaphors and visual aids.

Whatever we do together, we will have fun and laugh and learn.

Life is improvisational and we are continually learning to dance with the needs of the moment and building bridges between people and things, emotions and thoughts in our heart-mind and honoring the Divine nature of everything. We are paradoxically unique entities and we are One, interconnected!

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