The Society of Vav

Agudat HaVav: The mission of the Society of the Vav is to generate thought, conversations and practice around the idea of holding multiple realities and truths – there is no hierarchy of pain or joy – and that our individuality is the gift we bring to our leadership in making the world a better place. And that through mindfulness practice, we can experience a visceral energy shift, honoring our interconnectedness, when we choose to use the word ‘and’ instead of ‘but.’

The Society of the Vav Blog

“Vav, The Connection Between Heaven & Earth”by Reb TZiPi

The Beginning of the Story

Listen and learn as the Reb TZiPi, the creator of the Society of the Vav reads some of her more insightful and provocative blog entries.

Where did the idea come from to begin? Who are her heroes? Where is the connection to Hebrew Wisdom?


Coming Out is Getting Easier To Do

A Birth Day

Finding Allies and Building Bridges

Learning To Be Held In Elul

Lamed Vavnik

Life is improvisational and we are continually learning to dance with the needs of the moment and building bridges between people and things, emotions and thoughts in our heart-mind and honoring the Divine nature of everything. We are paradoxically unique entities and we are One, interconnected!

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