Planting the Seeds You Want to Grow

Everything Begins with an Intention
a Deep Desire of the HeartMind

First a story, then a blessing:

At a convent, the Mother Superior and nuns were troubled that fewer and fewer people were visiting. The nuns wanted to share their blessings and also relied on the support of visitors to help keep up the property. Each month the Mother Superior would have dinner with a local rabbi who came to stay on retreat at the convent. At one such dinner, the Mother asked the rabbi for advice on how to address the convent’s quandary. The rabbi said she could offer no obvious solutions, as her congregation was experiencing something similar. Then as the rabbi prepared to leave, she paused, looked at the Mother and said “One of you is the messiah.”

The next morning, the nuns were ready to hear what advice the rabbi had offered. Mother Superior relayed that the rabbi had given no specific advice, but that she had left saying “One of you is the messiah.” The nuns pondered this statement as they went about their chores. Is Sister Theresa the Messiah, they wondered? Could it be Sister Joan? Could it be me? Thus, they began thinking about one another differently, and their actions reflected this change. They became more positive in their affirmations of themselves, avoided gossip, and spoke directly, with honesty, patience and love to one another, encouraging each other, not knowing who among them was the messiah.

Before long, the energy in the convent began to shift discernibly. When visitors came, they noticed the happiness, compassion and caring the nuns shared with one another. The visitors felt uplifted. They returned to the convent often and told others of this special place, and more and more people started visiting. Soon, the convent began to thrive again as visitors came from near and far, drawn to the joy that radiated from the nuns. This is the potential of the transformation that can occur within each one of us, and in our relationships, when we engage and speak to each other with hope and belief in the other and our Self.


Martin Luther King, Jr. has been quoted as saying we need both power – to live our soul’s mission – and love – all our work must be done in relationship with others as we are interconnected beings.
And YOU are my love.

This year, I am setting an intention to cultivate compassion. As a beginner with this intention, I am asking myself what does this look like? How can I notice when my heart is shielded and I am experiencing an all-or-nothing mindset? And, then, with deep kindness for my dilemma, I will begin to soften the hard places in my heart.

These are the seeds I want to water this year: to learn how to be more tender, kind and patient with myself; and to end the suffering in my world, with the hope that there will be a rippling effect to heal the wounds outside of me.
And, what are the seeds you’re intending to grow this year?

Thank You

Thank you for being in my life and playing with me this year; for teaching me what you needed and allowing me into your lives; for showing me your vulnerabilities and letting me into the soft places in your hearts. What incredible partnerships we have created. What amazing work we have done, transforming our thinking and doing and being, even the smallest changes we made sent ripples of love out into the world. May everyone be so blessed.

Life is improvisational and we are continually learning to dance with the needs of the moment and building bridges between people and things, emotions and thoughts in our heart-mind and honoring the Divine nature of everything. We are paradoxically unique entities and we are One, interconnected!

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