The focus of each coaching session is to release the pent up energy that may be stuck somewhere and stimulate a strategic perspective to support your unique, improvisational, transformational, creative leadership style.

Our partnership’s purpose is to be developing a collaborative relationship where listening, inquiry and feedback are essential elements in helping you get what you want. Be prepared to transform your life, step by step.

Coaching begins with a question that evolves from your heart and then gets spoken out loud as we collaborate to help you get what you want. Coaching is a process of speaking within an environment where your confidentiality and anonymity is guaranteed. And deep listening on my part and more questions to stimulate thinking and feeling and an unearthing of what is below that first question that brought us together.

Some times my role will be to coach, other times mentor, consultant, collaborator. I am what you need me to be in that moment. And if my role is not clear or you feel that something is not working, you are responsible for speaking-up. I will do the same.

The first coaching session is a complementary 30 minutes consultation to see if we inspire each other and are a good match. Please read the information below and talk with me about what I have written.

During our first time we will focus our inquiry on some of these questions:

1. What do you really want to achieve or accomplish?
2. How will you feel when you achieve this thing?
3. What has been holding you back?
4. What will pull you through the ‘eye of the needle’?
5. How will you feel if nothing changes?
6. What do you imagine your life will be like when you do achieve what you want?
7. How do you ‘protect your heart’ at work?
8. Do you have a spiritual practice and what does it look like?
9. Who are your allies? Who are your adversaries?
10. What will you feel like having accomplished your intention, deep desire of your heart?

Something about TZiPi as a coach:

My job is to listen, and help you get what you want. I will probably not tell you anything you do not already know, just reframe it to offer you a different perspective. I am a mirror who will keep you honest and in integrity with your Self.

Characteristics of my ideal client: one who is curious and wants to grow.

I provide an environment for transformation and intention setting.

Where you can be emotionally safe to explore ideas and emotions without feeling judged.

Where there is:

  • deep listening to what you speak and leave out;
  • commitment to integrity and staying honest;
  • collaboration in creating a plan to live your core intention.

You are supported in creatively staying awake and on the path.

Who would benefit from coaching?

Anyone who is questioning and feels in transition and is:

  • Happy where they are and wants to get better at what they do
  • Not sure whether where they are or where they need to be

Protecting the Heart at Work

Blessings of Being Awake: There was a period of time several years ago when I began asking the people I was working with in coaching ‘how do you protect your heart at work?’ Of the many I worked with only two responded ‘why would I do that?’ The rest were willing to make me a picture.

Blessings of Spiritual Challenge: I have been known to spontaneously self disclose that my heart’s default is ‘closed’. This awareness arose when in my early forties during a therapy session I realized that I protected my heart with a wall of China and that this wall had one ladder to get out and a few gates that only swung out and each gate had bells to alert me when someone tried to get in. I even drew my heart in various poses of protection. I am making light about a very serious matter. I believe that when the heart is protected my productivity is decreased. I am using too much energy to keep me emotionally safe to function at my highest level of good. The Chinese herbalist said I was controlling my passion. Read more

Life is improvisational and we are continually learning to dance with the needs of the moment and building bridges between people and things, emotions and thoughts in our heart-mind and honoring the Divine nature of everything. We are paradoxically unique entities and we are One, interconnected!

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