by Rabbi TZiPi Vivien Radonsky, Ph.D.

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includes a Vavnik Bookmark featuring TZiPi’s artwork

About the Book:

Are you a Vav-nik?  Are you open to love, accepting things the way they are and creating possibilities? These are the core questions of Rabbi TZiPi Radonsky’s new book, AND – Building a World of Connection Through Jewish Mystical Wisdom. Reb TZiPi writes that the Vav, the 6th letter of the Hebrew alphabet, has the energy intelligence of eternal connection and when put in front of words means AND. Vav-nik behaviors can include: choosing to use the word “AND” instead of “BUT”; and being able to sit next to an “enemy” and engage in authentic, non-judgmental conversation. AND did not come from Reb TZiPi’s intellect. The Society of the Vav is a phrase that came from within and sent her on a soul’s journey of five years of curiosity of uncovering.


Praise for the Book:

“In this rare collection of intense musings over a five-year period, (the author) digs unblinkingly into her own heart and mind, raising fundamental questions about spirituality, how we live our lives, our independence and connectedness, and much more.”
– Barry Oshry, author of Seeing System: Unlocking the Mysteries of Organizational Life
“Rabbi Radonsky has opened a window into the mystical the way few others can or will. Read this book, and be grateful that you did.”
– Rabbi Rami Shapiro, author of Amazing Chesed


About the Author:

Reb TZiPi is a life-long learner, traveling rabbi-teacher, coach, artist and woman of the world. Her primary kavannah-intention is to heal the world one heart at a time, starting with herself.

This happens through her professional relationships as mentor-coach in her private coaching and leadership development training practice at Watering the Tree Outside the Fence as well as an associate at the Center for Creative Leadership where she began coaching and has been inspired for more than 20 years.

Her education includes degrees in occupational therapy and a doctorate in Counselor Education from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. In the summer of 2005 she became an ordained rabbi through private Smicha and brings her whole self into each encounter. Reb TZiPi is the mother of two amazing daughters in relationship with two devoted husbands, a grandmother of four perfect grandchildren and now lives in Port Royal, South Carolina.




A huge lesson for me in the creation of this book was that I am my own teacher. Through writing I experienced my interconnectedness to everything and everyone. I am learning that I am never alone. I live in the midst of interconnected circles of various communities that nurture and sustain me, inspire and love me, teach, challenge, and hold me. Some of those bright circle lights are: Sarah Yehudit Schneider, my Talmud/mystical Judaism teacher, who was available to talk about the vav and, through her wisdom and open heart, encouraged me to keep dancing to the needs of the moment. Friend and colleague Chuck Palus, who taught me about the ins and outs of blogging and gave me feedback on my writing. My and partner, Lyndon Rego, who engaged with me about and through writing and thinking about the use of and in the world. Rabbi Eli Havivi, who — when I told him about my love affair with the vav— coined the word Vav-nik as a spinoff from Lamed Vavniks, who like other avatars, walk the earth mending tears in the universe. Tim, who taught me about trust and self-soothing while supporting my personal growth through helping me see what he saw. Mary Louise, who helped me create Vav-nik cards and then send out the first certificates from the Society of the Vav. The many along my path who found time to read the blog and were moved to make comments and those who listened as I encouraged them to join my mission to de-but the world. My primary virtual mindfulness teachers, the Baal Shem Tov and the Buddha, who modeled how to stay awake, to trust oneself and to do what was right for me. Marc Gafni, the man who ordained me, who believed that my light needed to be a rabbi, who offered his students the phrase Hebrew wisdom. I am grateful for his opening this gate.

As in all rhythmic, oscillating circles my friend Arthur Kurzweil came back onto my life and was committed to making this project happen; and my editor-in-chief, Wendy Bernstein, who taught me so much about patience and that relationships grow over time. And my daughters, Andrea and Ilana, and sister Phyllis, who are my constant.

I have often met people who gave gratefulness to their God for their creativity. From the first time I heard that phrase, I wanted that relationship, too. Today, I realize I had it all along. In publishing this book, I am honoring that holy partnership.


What Readers are Saying:

“I have just begun the journey into ‘AND: Building a World of Connection through Jewish Mystical Wisdom’ and am already mesmerised by it. There are gems on each page. They do need to be savored. I have a tendency to want to rush to the next thought/chapter AND I know Reb TZiP’s offerings are best consumed as if they were a well appreciated gourmet meal. Just reading the scriptural citations and commentary on ‘compassion’ make this book invaluable in ‘letting the light in and letting our light out.'”
– Phyllis
“Why I am blessed by reading ‘AND: Building a world of connections through Jewish Mystical Wisdom.’ The disclaimer- I have been truly blessed to know TZiPi for almost 10 years and have called her mentor, spiritual guide and friend- so when I open her book it is like opening another conversation with her. Her thoughts and with the help of many other authors guides us to see the ‘AND’ in life which can make a richer life. I was going to read one daily thoughts as a daily guide for my journey but found myself wanting to read on to gather another rich blessing. One day after reading a couple of her daily thoughts I just held the book close to me and hugged it – knowing TZiPi was out of the country and could not call her to tell her I was being blessed. TZiPi writes (p.10) ‘We need each other in this huge task of healing the world and making it a better place’… her book is one help in doing our Tikkun Olam.”
– Houston – trying to live like a child of G!D
“Just wanted to let you know that I received your beautiful book, and am engrossed in it, and am on board to de-but the world! It is really beautiful, and full of ideas that I can use in my own life. Thank you for sharing your journey, thank you for being you and on your journey!”
“Thank you so much for the incredible book AND thank you for your amazing insights AND thank you for thinking of me AND I am loving the time I am spending with your ideas.”
– Ember

Life is improvisational and we are continually learning to dance with the needs of the moment and building bridges between people and things, emotions and thoughts in our heart-mind and honoring the Divine nature of everything. We are paradoxically unique entities and we are One, interconnected!

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