What fuels your passion?

Do you see yourself as an equal partner in making the world a better place?

When is work fun?

Who are your partners?

How do you self-soothe yourself?

When do you stop to notice your blessings and are grateful?

How do you practice being awake, aware, mindful... regularly?

Who do you share your dreams with?

When do you stop, reflect and plan strategically?

What is love to you?

When did you say "Yes, and…" instead of "Yeah, but…?"

How do you honor your uniqueness?

Do you see yourself as a leader, balanced in all worlds?

How do you see yourself as resilient?

Are you ready for the change your coaching collaboration will stimulate?

Are you aware of the emotions that drive you?

Are you aware of the natural cycles we all flow through... narrow to expansive, open to closed?

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Setting an intention to be awake, aware and mindful of body, mind, spirit, external stimuli and deepest desires of the heart. Developing a spiritual practice of stillness in sitting, walking or being. Read more
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Welcome to Reb TZiPi’s website. We are delighted you have come to visit, look around and see what we have to offer.  You will be stimulated to ponder on the questions, and consider connecting so we can begin our work together.

I earn my living doing the things I love, by building partnerships with leaders as an executive coach, through leadership development training and by teaching mindfulness practice. I also create workshops about leadership focused on visioning and storytelling for the organization, executive team or groups of colleagues.

My job is to create sacred space where learning about Self is serious fun.  And by asking questions and offering clear reflections of the stories you tell and by supporting you as you gather your inner and outer support to move you forward into the variations of your unique and individual flow in the ‘River of Light.’  I am clear that you lead one life, so we will be doing some cross training between home and work to share your skills in different venues.

This web site is about honoring universal truth.  As an ordained rabbi, I am steeped in mystical Hebrew Wisdom and influenced by Indigenous American traditions, Buddhism, Hindu, Islam, Chinese, Christian and Sufi wisdom.

If you like what you see here, please connect with us and share the web site with others.  As we collaborate in being a vital piece of transforming the world into a fully functional awake system, we are proud to be:

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Meet Rabbi Tzipi Radonsky

TZiPi is a traveling rabbi-teacher and woman of the world. Her primary kavannah-intention is to heal the world one heart at a time. She does this by being a role model and practicing what she wants to see happen in the world.

This web site is about honoring universal truths, from where TZiPi sits as a privately ordained rabbi steeped in mystical Hebrew Wisdom; simultaneously knowing that my well being and awareness is influenced by Indigenous American traditions, Buddhism, Islam and Sufi traditions, Christianity and Chinese Wisdom.

As a life long learner, she continues to build and to integrate her varied life experiences and roles and life styles-working class, northeast intellectual, daughter, mother, wife, divorcee, single mom, sister, friend, lesbian, occupational therapist, counselor, chaplain, rabbi– into her collaborative work.  She encourages clients to welcome home all parts of themselves.

Her spiritual work, is acknowledging the interconnectedness of the world. And when asked what kind of rabbi she wants to be, she has responded “the one who is taking down the fence around Hebrew Wisdom, to know the Creator of All Life within her and the world while sharing the depth and beauty of her cultural heritage with the world.”

TZiPi is a writer, artist and is committed to a spiritual practice of mindfulness. TZiPi likes to say that she listens deeply to her clients, helping them get what they want.

TZiPi received a Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy from the Medical College of Georgia, a Master of Health Science in Occupational Therapy from the University of Florida and a doctorate in Counselor Education from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. While in Greensboro, she became affiliated with the Center for Creative Leadership.  She has worked and traveled for them to several continents, Australia, India and Brussels to coach and train.  In the summer of 2005 she became an ordained rabbi through private Smicha and brings her whole self into each encounter. TZiPi now lives in Port Royal, South Carolina.

Certified Trainer of The Organization Workshop, Power[+]Systems

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How TZiPi Got Her Name

Reb TZiPiWhen TZiPi was born, she was given an English name, which she used for many years. She was also given a Yiddish name, after a paternal great aunt. Here is the story.

When she attended Hebrew school at age eight, she was asked her Hebrew name. She responded “Fagga Tuby,” the name her parents had told her to tell her teacher.  When the teacher heard the Yiddish words, he quickly responded in Hebrew, “Tziporah.”

Fagga Tuby means good bird, and Tziporah means bird. At the age of eight, the name was not a favorite of TZiPi’s. She was neither a birdbrain nor did she eat like a bird.

When she came back to Judasim as an older adult, within the community she was coming out within, she was asked her Hebrew name. When she responded Tziporah, her friend said, “Tzipi, that’s your name.”

TZiPi means little bird. And TZiPi liked that name and decided to try it out.

She began using it to sign her artwork. During a program at the Center for Creative Leadership, where the participants were asked to do a number of drawings, TZiPi and others were asked to create a gallery for everyone to see. She had signed her artwork ‘tzipi’. Because she was wearing a name tag with her English name, her colleagues asked, “Who is tzipi?” She replied, “me.”

At that point, she decided to be in integrity and make life simple and use the same name she signed her artwork with. During this time, she had begun studying Judaism and she learned that in the Torah there are only consonants, no vowels.  And being the creative person she is, and in honor of the consonants in her name, she capitalized them, TZiPi.

And she began using TZiPi as her name on her nametag. One of her clients commented that he liked the spelling and that she ought to use it as her brand. She liked that idea and kept it.

Frequently, people ask TZiPi how to pronounce her name. She tells them that the TZ is like a ts sound as in the word pants. And that she learned this pronunciation as a child and to her it is easy. So have fun with it.

She also tells people who ask that those who translated the bible into English changed Moses’s wife’s name from tziporah to ziporah. And that the tz is the Hebrew letter tzaddie and the z is the Hebrew letter zayin, and changing the letter changes the meaning of the word. There is no such word in Hebrew as ziporah. And since Tziporah was also the daughter of a Midian priest, Yitro, he would most likely bless his daughter with a name that reflects nature.

TZiPi is now her legal name, and Vivien, her English birth name, is her middle name, to honor her parent’s choice. She has kind-fun with people as they try to pronounce her first name. And she offers parts of what you read above in building a connection with those who are curious and interested.

TZiPi’s Memorial Tribute

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TZiPi’s Article:

Realizing the Power of Candid Conversation


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Past Newsletters:

Second Edition

First Edition

The Society of VAV

Agudat HaVav:  The mission of the Society of the Vav is to generate thought, conversations and practice around the idea of holding multiple realities and truths – there is no hierarchy of pain or joy – and that our individuality is the gift we bring to our leadership in making the world a better place. And that through mindfulness practice, we can experience a visceral energy shift, honoring our interconnectedness, when we choose to use the word ‘and’ instead of ‘but.’

The Society of the Vav Blog

“Vav, The Connection Between Heaven & Earth”by Reb TZiPi

The Beginning of the Story

Listen and learn as the Reb TZiPi, the creator of the Society of the Vav reads some of her more insightful and provocative blog entries.

Where did the idea come from to begin? Who are her heroes? Where is the connection to Hebrew Wisdom?

Coming Out is Getting Easier To Do

A Birth Day

Finding Allies and Building Bridges

Learning To Be Held In Elul

Lamed Vavnik

The Power of Questions

Rituals for Life

Lovingly Getting from Here to There

Everything about Judaism and Her Hebrew Wisdom honors relationships and their transitions and we remember the One of All Blessings at moments of change within our lives. We were originally boundary crossers, the Hebrews, Evrits, and know the importance of acknowledging shifts in energy as we move from place to place.

The Process

Each event is unique as is each individual. I invest our time in getting to know you whether you are the new parents, grandparents, lovers or mourners. My intention is to build a working collaborative relationship, to listen deeply and to help you get what you want.

I am interested in the people and the context within which each transition is happening. I read the Torah text associated with the time of the ritual and pay attention to the season of both the secular and Hebrew calendar and I research the mystical components of the ritual to include all elements to making this a holy moment.

I am curious and open to what those in transition are wanting. The exploration depends on the needs of the people involved. Sometimes you may leave it up to me and other times you will want to work closely with me. I am resiliently yours.

And I honor Hebrew Wisdom tradition that Shabbat is the holy of holiest days and no other joyous celebration can intrude on Her. Therefore I choose to perform ketubah or Covenant of Love signing rituals and wedding ceremonies before or after Shabbat.

Rituals I Have Co-created

Simchat Bat, the Joy of A Daughter: This is a relatively new ritual to celebrate the birth of a daughter that has evolved as opposed to the circumcision of a newborn male on the eighth day. Debra Nussbaum Cohen, Celebrating Your New Jewish Daughter, has written a wonderful book that helps parents create rituals that welcome a baby girl into the Covenant.

“The energy, the warmth, and all the little details that you brought to this joyous occasion made it so very memorable. I could tell everyone felt they were a part of something special and that meant so much to us. Your loving and meaningful approach initiated a great start for our daughter’s life.” ~ Etta Grace and her parents

Weddings: The intention in this ritual is of creating a community within which the couple makes a public statement of their love and commitment. Some weddings have been co-officiated. This is accomplished during working with the couple exploring their hopes and fears and deepest desires. Anita Diamant has written a book called The New Jewish Wedding that is useful.

“It was a beautiful and original service. As we stood under the chuppah we felt a oneness with each other, our families and God. We met with Rabbi Tzipi several months before the wedding and shared our thoughts and dreams with her. She intuitively asked the right questions. The ceremony was performed in a loving manner and we felt a closeness and aura of love. God’s presence was felt through Rabbi Tzipi’s attitude and words. We are grateful for Rabbi Tzipi’s time and effort. Her laugh could be heard as she danced with the Bride and Groom’s family. We will honor her through our love and happiness.” ~ Ray and Marilyn

“We are so appreciative of the presence of love and holiness you brought to our wedding. Many hearts were touched on that night. Our guests even commented on how connected they felt to the ceremony. Your guidance was immeasurable, and your shared wisdom has made its mark on our relationship. We could have not asked for a more perfect night, a grander beginning, and are forever grateful.” ~ Ilana and Russell

Death and Mourning: Death is natural and inevitable and it is important for those in mourning to acknowledge the one who has died and passed over as well as the emotions that arise. Hebrew Wisdom and Jewish laws can help the mourners to work through this narrow place. Anne Brenner has written a very useful and comprehensive book called Mourning and Mitzvah.

“You have helped me so much. I feel the hole slowly closing…I have needed spiritual guiding with a Yiddisha Bent and you have completed that for me, Your presence is Bershert, lovingly Bella”

The Beauty and Healing of Interfaith Rituals
In many of the rituals I create the people want a rabbi and Hebrew Wisdom rituals and the people are not both of the Jewish heritage and so they become interfaith rituals or rituals of love. I am so delighted to be called in these moments where people want to honor each tradition from which they came. In these times we begin to see universal truths that cross all boundaries that might have been set. Love is the soother of all separation whether it is in birth, death or marriage. I set a kavanah, holy intention of the heart, to build community and deepen relationships by welcoming all present in my language, explanations and inspiring joy.

“We just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate everything you did for us leading up to the wedding and during the fabulous wedding weekend. You really helped us to relax during a time of major stress. We both really looked forward to each meeting we shared with you. Your guidance and patience really made the wedding events even more amazing than we could have imagined them to be. We feel so lucky to have found you! Thank you for making our wedding experience so comfortable and memorable. ~ love always, Toni and Mike, bride & groom in interfaith wedding”

“I wanted to say a big THANK YOU for all you did to help make the weekend a wonderful experience for everyone! Everyone loved the service(s) and the beautiful and sincere things that you had to say. It was a first-time experience for many of the guests to see and partake in a Jewish Wedding Ceremony.” ~ Sandy Kaplan, mother of the bride in interfaith wedding

Celebrating Diversity – Practicing Unconditional Love

I take great pleasure in looking forward to co-creating more wedding rituals between women and women and between men and men.

“It was summer solstice and while relaxing with our dear friend TZiPi we discussed the possibility of getting married. She was very encouraging in her warm and loving way and agreed only if we were going to take it seriously. Tracey and I said “Yes, we are soul-mates and want to be partners for all of our lives.” TZiPi came up with lovely vows and many beautiful blessings for us and we all felt very deeply connected by the experience. ~ Joan and Tracey, Happily married 13 years later”

Creative Rituals

These are just a few of the many moments of change that can be created. Rabbi Phyllis Berman and Rabbi Arthur Waskow have written A Time for Every Purpose Under Heaven about the many different kinds of rituals that can be created to acknowledge the passing of time and what gifts She brings.

From birth to death rituals are woven into our life to give attention to these transformational moments. Ask me about how we can work together to water the Tree of Hebrew Wisdom whose core value is love wherever She wants to grow.

Some of the Clients that We have Worked with:

Anthem Health Insurance
Boehringer-Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals
Caribbean Health Leadership Institute
Center for Creative Leadership
Center for Jewish Spirituality
Hitt Construction
Insurance House
Management Institute for National Development, Jamaican Government
Novartis Pharmaceuticals
Porcelain Industries
Project Management Institute
Reynolds Church Leadership
S.C. Johnson
Shannon and Manch
Southern Company
S. P. Jain Institute of Management & Research of Mumbai
Thales Group
The Gap
U.S. Army
We Energies

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Connect with TZiPi

I do my work with three intentions…

Making a Friend of Time:

1In 1993, in a private meeting with a Lakota medicine man I was given a reading that involved a process where I threw a few coins, then he looked for patterns based on an Ancient Chinese process based on the Tao. Toward the end of our time, he spoke directly to my heart-mind, he said ‘make a friend of time.’ Upon hearing the words, I began to weep and then cry…

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Guest Consciousness:

2I had being practicing mindfulness practice consistently for four months on my pilgrimage around the world, when I became a guest of a lovely woman living alone. And I was aware that my host’s graciousness was parallel to my own intrusion into her space. I wanted to remain kind and grateful leaving few hints of my Presence…

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Loving Yourself:

3I was gone from where I started on my journey around the world for almost a year. When I came back I wanted to cuddle up with all my friends, seeing them differently and feeling their love. We did and they had their own lovers, partners, and special friends and when our visit time was over they went ‘home.’ And I was alone, again…

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Introducing My Book…


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Life is improvisational and we are continually learning to dance with the needs of the moment and building bridges between people and things, emotions and thoughts in our heart-mind and honoring the Divine nature of everything. We are paradoxically unique entities and we are One, interconnected!

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